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Always In Our Hearts


Past Away on 2016-04-29

Miles' journey to our rescue started as a scared 3 month old pup in a shelter in Tennessee. Miles arrived full of energy and kisses. He was a happy boy and loved everyone he met. Miles went to live with Austin and Madison. He arrived at his new home and was offered more toys the first day than most dogs could hope for in a lifetime. Austin and Madison were in love and so was Miles.

As the months went by, Miles seemed unsettled and conflicted. His behavior had changed and his parents were concerned. One of our wonderful volunteers, Austin’s aunt, thought it would be best to get Miles involved is some positive training classes in the hopes that he could find comfort and calmness. Austin and Madison attended these classes also and took Miles back home hoping for the best.

Miles tried incredibly hard to find peace but something was terribly wrong with him and in the end there was nothing that could be done in this world to fix what was broken . . . .you know, only a power larger than you and I can take these sweet pups in their arms and make them whole again. Austin and Madison were devastated but loved their sweet little man too much to see him suffer any longer.

So, on April 29, 2016, (at the age of 8 months) that is exactly what happened. Miles left this world to find peace.

Past Away on 2016-04-08

In March of 2014, our rescue had the honor of welcoming Otis (Chesney), his three sisters, two brothers and his mother into our rescue. Otis was a giant ball of black curls and fluff. He was adorable!

As you might imagine, Otis quickly found a forever home. He went to live with Drew & Mary in Nebraska. Drew & Mary loved him with all their hearts. He was also lucky enough to have an older canine brother, Tucker and a feline sister, Olive. Otis was over the Moon happy. Drew & Mary loved their animals so much, they had a paw print cake made to share with their family and friends at their wedding. Lots of celebrating for so many reasons. Otis hit the big time!

In early 2016, Otis started to feel sick. Drew & Mary worked with vets and did everything possible. They were hopeful that with the right medicine or treatment, Otis would be better soon. Otis still had so many things he wanted to learn from his big brother. Who would he play in the snow and the leaves with and run through puddles while on their long walks? Otis fought really hard and Drew & Mary were by his side fighting with him every step of the way.

I am not sure why bad things happen to great people but they did to Drew & Mary. On April 8, 2016, with great sadness and their hearts broken into a million pieces, Drew & Mary said their good-byes to sweet Otis. I hope Drew & Mary know that although Otis is no longer in this world, he will, in fact, love them forever.

Past Away on 2015-08-23

It is with great sadness we bring you the news of the passing of one of our rescue pups, Mickey. Mickey came to RFSTL the beginning of 2015 and was incredibly ill. His foster mom (who adopted him) and her son loved Mickey more than I thought was humanly possible, and I am confident that is why he survived and recovered so quickly. Mickey loved his family and protected them always.

About two months ago, Mickey welcomed, a foster sister, Callie, into his home and protected her the same way he did his people. Mickey loved Callie so much he asked his mom if they could keep her . . . and they did. Mickey took his job very seriously. Mickey was strong, Mickey was mighty and Mickey was the world to his family!

Unfortunately, Saturday night Mickey’s physical being suffered a challenge even all the love in the world could not fix and at 2 years old he crossed The Rainbow Bridge. Was this too soon? No question. Could it have been prevented? Not likely. Are his family’s hearts shattered? Absolutely. But there is one thing I know for certain, Mickey was loved in the 6 months he lived with his family more than any dog can ever hope to be.

Please enjoy the photo of Mickey with his favorite toy . . . even strong men have toys!